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Misty Warden
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I first met Melissa in August 2015, at a local psychic fair. I was "drawn" to her from all others in the room. She just has a warm, caring approach about her. I was excited and skeptical as this was my first reading. BOOM! My mind was blown away. She conveyed so many messages, signs and guidance to me that were right on target. Since that day in August, I have had several more readings and I have brought friends to her. They say the same "she is right on it!" I find a "peace and calming" in having a reading from Melissa. She helps me to understand what lies ahead and I deal with it more calmly. I am truly blessed that our paths crossed. I known my life is forever changed for the better because of her wisdom and knowledge.
Angie Fields
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This is insane! I thought when I did my first reading with Melissa. It was my first time and her reading was on point. It was freaky and exciting to see first hand her knowing about things in my past and present to be 100% accurate. Its been a year now I have been getting regular readings with Melissa and everything she has told my about my future and health has changed my life forever! I am blessed to have crossed paths with her.

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